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Are Caterhams comfortable?

Yes they are! Our Caterham 7 comes with leather seats which offer comfort over long journeys.  The seats are on rails and will accommodate a person up to 6ft 3".  You are welcome to come over and sit in the car to see if you fit, prior to booking, just WhatsApp me to arrange.

Our Caterham 7 also comes with two detachable roofs, a full hood to keep you snug and dry should the North Wales weather take a turn for the worst and a bikini hood should you want to keep sheltered from the sun!  Be aware that there is no heater in the Caterham 7, but you do get some heat from the engine into the cabin.

Are there any extra fees?

We strive to offer you the best in class when it comes to price and the price you see is what you pay, which includes fully comprehensive insurance.  We will need to pre authorise a payment of £1000 on your card in case of any accidents or damage to the vehicle.  Additional mileage will be charged at 80p per mile.  The car will be supplied with a full tank of fuel and should be returned with a full tank of fuel. Where this is not possible, fuel and refuel charge will be applied.  Please read our full Terms and Conditions and  our Privacy Policy here: 


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Can anyone drive our Caterham 7?

You have to be 30 years of age or above with less than 6 penalty points to drive our Caterham 7 due to insurance implications.  You will also need at least 3 years of driving experience.  If you want to add an additional driver you can do this online for just £50!  There is no additional charge for passengers.  You will need to bring your driving licence, 2 utility bills which are less than three months old and your bank card.  Feel free to use our "Check List" to keep track! Full Terms and Conditions can be found here

What if it rains on my hire day?

Our Caterham 7 comes with full weather equipment, kept in the boot, should you need to take shelter from the outdoor conditions.  

The Caterham 7 also has a bikini hood to keep you protected from the sun if needed, a USB charger  and a phone holder too!

We highly recommend that you bring along a pair of driving shoes or flat trainers such as Adidas Sambas with you on the day.  A narrow footwell, and neat close pedals all add to the back to basics connected to the car feel that flows from these incredible machines.  Slimline driving shoes totally transform your experience, and add to that feeling of being at one with the car.  

Are Caterham 7's hard to drive?

Caterham 7's are not hard to drive, but they do feel very different to your day to day car.  They are much more responsive, engaging and give you a thrilling driving experience.  They take a few miles to get used to, but after the initial adjustment you'll feel right at home!  The feeling you get being so low to the ground and the back to basic feel of the car will provide you with a driving experience you will never forget!  It's as pure as driving gets and you won't want your day to end!

What time do I need to pick up the Caterham?

We ask you to check in with us for 8:00am.  This will give us plenty of time to go through Induction, get all the relevant paperwork signed off and to get you familiarised with the Caterham.

Once all the boring stuff is out of the way we aim to get you off and on your way by 9am. 

You can  also keep your car at our location for the duration of your experience.  It will be kept securely and you can also leave your keys with us too if you wish!

Again any questions or concerns feel free to get in touch!

What should I wear?

It all depends on the weather, but we highly recommend that you bring a light weight base layer and a quality, quilted windproof top, as this will add to your days enjoyment.  A good bobble hat won't go amiss either! 

For your peace of mind we provide full AA breakdown cover across the UK.

What if I have points on my licence?

You can rent our Caterham 7 as long as your driving record has no more than 6 points. Here is a list of acceptable convictions: Single convictions like SP30, SP50, and CU80 with 6 points or fewer are permitted.  Any other types of endorsements, such as BA, DR, or UT convictions, will not be accepted and make you ineligible for rental.

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